Book Review : The Strange Case OF Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson


My Ratings: *5  Stars*

This novella was beautifully written and it was very easy to imagine those dark streets and alleys and the Victorian setting. I don’t know why, but I loved the character of Mr. Utterson,a lawyer, and also he was the one who narrated the story and I think he was a reliable narrator.

The idea of this book was simple here,Stevenson, tells us how good and bad co-exist in all of us.

And ” How it would be if we could separate both good and bad?”, Like be an entirely good person or entirely bad person.

So,basically throughout the book there was a whole lot of suspense and mystery  which kept on building up and was actually unfolded in the last two chapters, which I really enjoyed. Yes, I felt that in the beginning the story was a bit slow paced but then it also hold my interest from the first page, which was actually good.

I liked a quotes from this book and it goes like:

“I learned to recognize the thorough and primitive duality of man; I saw that, of the two natures that contended the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both.”

Though I really wanted the ending to be more tragic and sad, but this too was good and I recommend this book to everyone, not just the mystery or suspense lovers.So, just read it, if you haven’t yet.

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