Book Review : Coffee, Tea and Holy Water by Amanda Hudson


Coffee,Tea and Holy Water


My Rating: *4 Stars*

This book is basically about the journey of one woman who want to experience Christianity around the world.

When I started reading this book, I was expecting it to be something like  Eat, Pray, Love and yes it is similar to it to an extent, but altogether different as well.

This book is about a woman who always had these questions in her mind, “That if Christianity is an integral part of our culture, then what does it look like in other countries? and how it is practiced in other countries?

To find the answers to her questions, she decides to travel the countries where Christianity is practiced.In this book she travel the five countries, that are  Brazil,Wales(UK),Tanzania,China and Honduras.

The book contain many details about these countries, which I really liked.It was good to know few good and sometimes weird practices that different cultures have,mostly from her travel to Brazil(never expected that). And surely every journey offered something interesting in turn.

And another good thing is that she compared these cultures to US culture, which I think is to make it easier for the readers from other countries(one like me) to understand her experiences better.

I also liked few quotes from this book and they are:

“Well, I always thought of God as…an uncle,”She says thoughtfully.”Finally came to realize he was my father.”

 “Friends from America!(Translation”Tourists with Money”) Look this way.”

“Then I remember: These people are Brazilian-they come out of the womb salsa-ing to the rhythm of the contractions.”

 “Power is Power,”Bryan says.”People want anything they think will give them an edge.”

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to believers, travelers(I guess they will enjoy it,I did. There is so much to know!) and people who want a good book to read.


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