Book Review : Faking It To Making It by Ally Blake


My Rating : 4 stars

Genre: Romance 

I loved this book and reading this was a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday night. I must say there was nothing special about this book, I have read this kind of plot quiet a few times, but it had everything I could want in a romance novel- A sexy, hot and mature guy; an independent,lovable, strong and quirky woman, a cozy house, sexual tension, a pet and deep understanding…..

The two main leads, Nate and Saskia, were well developed characters and were likable and had this hot chemistry which was amazing and I fell in love with Nate Mackenzie (though I fell in love with so many fictional character that I can’t count them on fingers).

I also liked the heroine Saskia Bloom. And the ending made me smile.

So,basically‘Faking It to Making It’ was a sexy and funny contemporary romance set in Melbourne and was a pretty good story which kept my attention.


(I was thinking about this movie “The Wedding Date” the whole time while reading this book 🙂)


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