Book Review : Focus by Leo Babauta


My Rating : *4 stars*

Author: Leo Babauta

Book Format: ebook 


I came across this book while reading a blog post on “Live Your Legend” and indeed the article itself was great and that made me read this book, since I wanted to read stuff related to focus, achieving goals and to live a cluttered free life.

This was my first book by Leo Babauta and I liked it, and this review is for the free ebook version of the book.

 Do more of what matters!

 Ask yourself- “Am I wasting my time to avoid the important?”

Focus, this book is about how to focus on things that matters to you the most, it’s about how to get things done when you are living in a world which is full of distractions.

In this book the author talks about focus, disconnections and distractions.
According to him people these days waste a whole lot of time in connecting with the world and they lose focus on what they actually want to do and accomplish, he talks about how people are not able to focus because of distractions that is coming from every direction, for example you get distracted when you check for new email, or new notifications, maybe a call or even a instant message. You feel like responding to everything, sometimes you just wait for people to text you or call you( maybe just because you want validation from them, that you are important).

But in this book he tells you to do what you think is important, work for it, do simple tasks and do them efficiently.

 He also talks about disconnection, here he advice to disconnect with the world totally for few hours of the day everyday and focus on important tasks, don’t ask for validation from other people instead focus on yourself and on what you want to achieve.

In this book he gives you practical tips and advises on how to focus, how to avoid distractions and how to disconnect with the world.

Also he don’t ask you to totally avoid distraction, it is like two faces of a coin, you don’t need distraction to come in your way of completing your tasks, however he says it is also important because it helps you to relax and connect with people, which certainly help you in personal growth and development and learning because you get to communicate different ideas and learn a whole lot of stuff. So, here he don’t ask you to eliminate distraction, but instead list out few ways to balance it in your life so as to improve productivity and quality of your work.
This one is a great book, a light read, very well written, full of great tips and advises.This book contains some really good theories and problems that affect our productivity and also our lives. I liked most of his suggestions and I’m going to try some of them.
Easier said than done, ya it will be difficult to implement them. But this book offers a ton of different ways to make everything you do more meaningful. And I believe if you read it, it will help you as well in being more productive.

Also there is no reason to not to read it, but I may very well give you some reasons to read it:

  1. It is a short book, so probably won’t take much of your time.
  2. It’s free, you don’t even have to buy it, maybe not the best reason but hey, it worked for me (the paid version have more stuff in it, more content I mean, so you can go for that as well).
  3. It’s resourceful, you’ll love it, believe it!( But if for some reason you don’t like it then please don’t curse me though the probability of occurrence of this event is very less, you’ll learn at least something).
  4. Creative content.

What more you want! 

“Do something amazing everyday!” this is something I’m taking away from this book.

Loved it!

You can download your copy of Focus by Leo Babauta

You can also read his blog Zen Habits

I would also suggest to read this blog called Live Your Legend they too have nice content.

Happy Reading!

And thanks for stopping by 🙂


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