Book Review : Magic by Rhonda Byrne


My Rating: *2 Stars*

Today,I came across this book “The Magic” which I read last year and felt an urge to write a review for the same because this book actually disappointed me.

I’m not much into books of this genre that is “Self Help”.

Now,talking about this book, I really liked the first few pages, but then everything became repetitive which actually irritated me and I had to force myself to finish this book.


The idea behind the book is good, that is we should show gratitude and should be grateful for the simple things in our life.


But this simple thing called “Gratitude”is explained here with so many exercises, which I don’t have time for in my full packed life and here writer ask you to do silly stuff(No disrespect) like for an example, 1.Find a Magic Rock and keep it at your bedside.

2.Before going to bed hold the Magic Rock in your hand and think of the best things that happened to you today.

3.And then while holding the rock, say the magic words ,Thank you.

4.And repeat this exercise for next 26 days.(Hell that sucks,I’m not gonna hold a rock everyday and say Thank you to it)

Like,I’m fine with showing gratitude and I myself am grateful for many things,but this stuff “The Magic” didn’t change my life, might be did for others,but not for me.

So,basically this book can be summed up in just one word, that is “Gratitude”.



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