Book Review : When People Are the Problem, What Will You Do? : Case Studies from the press of Harvard Business Review


My Rating : *5 Stars*

When People are the problem, what will you do? is a collection of case studies by a panel of experts concerning different management dilemmas.

“Henry Ford famously complained that every time he wanted to hire another pair of hands, he had to take a human being with them”

The book starts with a quote, which I guess says it all(I have quoted above).

This book basically revolves around the problems people come across, I guess not just in “American Corporate world”, but everywhere. And these problems does not only affect a person but the organization as well.

Here, six cases, six different situations are considered and in most of them the central character is behaving just fine. It’s the people around them who are making all the troubles.So,the title “When people are the problem”.

The cases which are discussed in this book are varied,from when culture clash threatens a cross-border merger, the position of being sexually harassed by one of the company’s most important client, racism, sexism,if a non-parent start asking for the same special schedule that a working mother gets, or if it’s right to discriminate against someone for own good, to dealing with the stress of a star performer headed for a mental breakdown.

This book gives you advises on how to deal with these problems and how should one respond to them.

I enjoyed this book 🙂


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