Book Review : Song Bird by Christine M. Knight

This book is a sequel of Life Song. You can also check out the review of the first book Life Song by Christine M. Knight.

*I got this book from the author & publisher based on my review of Life Song.


My Rating : *4 Stars*

Author: Christine M. Knight

Total Page Count : 284 pages

Publisher : Highlight Publishing


“I’m not Mavis anymore.”

For years, song bird Nikki Mills (aka Mavis Mills) dreamed of the freedom and lifestyle that came with being a platinum record artist. To get there, she put her career and son first and her love life on hold.

Now an international singing sensation, Nikki discovers her reality is very different from what she had imagined. Determined not to be caged by the fan and media circus, Nikki struggles to protect her son, their relationship and lifestyle. That struggle is complicated by her desire for a love life.

The unearthing of Nikki’s dark past, known only to her inner circle, creates a paparazzi whirlwind that threatens to destroy her. Can she find the courage to withstand the media storm? Can she transcend her past? How will she resolve matters of the heart?

Set between 2000 and 2002, the themes in Song Bird centre on discovery, belonging, transformation, dealing with adversity, and matters of the heart.


You know when you read this book, you actually start caring about the characters. Like for some reason(I’m not telling what reason it is because it’s a spoiler :P) I really care about Marvis. The characters have this potential to emerge out as real people, the story is uplifting. And it is good to follow Marvis journey to find freedom and fame.

“Song Bird” is beautifully written and is an engrossing and enjoyable read. And when I read this book it somehow made me feel good about life, Life Song did it too.

What more this book taught,that while your past shape you up, but it doesn’t actually define who you are, and that it is your present that actually defines you!(You come across a situation and then you show the world who you really are)

In the end, I would say, this book is a good read.

Then why 4 stars? because Life Song for me was 5 Stars 😉


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