Book Review : The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh

“This is my gift to you, this story that is also a song…”


My Rating : *4 Stars*

Amitav Ghosh, I must say is an amazing story teller and in this book he proved beyond doubt that literary skill of the Bengali is redoubtable!

Absolutely engrossing, this book is one such where you come across a great story which is amazingly written and make you an instant fan of the author.

This book is well researched and the story is set in the 70’s, and it revolves around the Sundarbans and have this lovely descriptions of the land, the people and the animals(I would actually call it informative!)

Why 4 stars to this book, even though it is such an amazing book? Yes, because at times the writer seems to me a bit too cynical and calculative.

And I’m bit ashamed of myself that I read just one book by this finest Indian writer. However, I’m planning to read his other books soon! and I grant his books a permanent position in my reading list(until they disappoint me).


2 thoughts on “Book Review : The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh

  1. I haven’t even read him yet, and I have five of his books on my shelves! Which is silly, I know, but I am like that. Hoping to read the Ibis trilogy next year. It does not surprise me that you found his book well-researched, reading about his method, he does an incredible amount of research. It is almost as if he writes to justify his researching and vice versa.

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    • Well until last year I didn’t give this book a chance and I kept it in the darkest corner of my bookshelf. However, when I read this book it surely didn’t disappoint me.

      And as you said that you are thinking of reading ‘Ibis trilogy’ next year. I would say first read one of his stand alone novels, if you haven’t read any of his books yet.

      Btw have a wonderful day!


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