Book Review : The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

“Love requires sacrifice, but it’s worth it.”


My Rating : *3.5 Stars*

This book was one hell of a long read, indeed The Longest Ride. I read it continuously for 14 hours followed by the movie,ya.

I bought this book few years back(from a second hand bookstore), but I couldn’t make myself read it. I mean 450 pages of romance are you kidding me?(that’s quiet a lot).

But let me be honest with you, I saw the movie trailer and then I saw Scott Eastwood playing Luke. Well, that made me read this book, beauty can make you do anything.


Two stories separated by time, connected by fate.

In this book two stories are told concurrently; one of Sophia and Luke and the other of Ira and Ruth.

I liked both the love stories, and let me tell you they both were totally different, but Sparks tried to tie two storylines together and he did that very nicely and neatly.

But in my opinion, I liked the movie better.

The story was nice, not perfect or the best out there. However I still enjoyed it and there were few aspects that I really liked.

The ending? Just fine.

I wouldn’t say this book is my favorite. However I can say I really liked the movie,it made me cry and it was beautiful. Worth watching.

I also liked the movie much better because there were few scenes that reminded me of few of my good memories, like the scene when they go on their first date and few others. So ya for me the movie turned out to be something more.

I know it’s a book review, but I’m just saving your time. Go watch the movie.


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