Book Review : Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place.”

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My Rating : *4 Stars*

Either I’m getting old or I’m totally distracted because I just can’t read romance novels these days, let alone young adult *sigh*. But then I went to this terrible vacation which turned out to be the worst vacation ever (it totally redefined the definition of vacation) that I had to find a way out of it, that is when this book came into my rescue. Yes! Anna and the French Kiss. This book totally saved me from losing my mind, huh!(I mean it).

For me this book was 2 days of bliss!

I hate the name of this book and I was seriously trying to hide the book cover every time I was in public or sitting with my family because I knew that if my father would see it, he will be like, “Huh! What a waste of time!” or maybe “What a crappy book!”(he judge a book by its cover.)

But let me tell you. This book was PERFECT!

This book gave that giddy feeling. I mean that cute feeling, where you just blush all the time or when you get butterflies in your stomach, that feeling.

I loved the mutual understanding between Anna and Etienne, and I enjoyed the kind of relationship they had in this book.

I must say I adored Etienne St. Clair. I liked him for he was just too cute, caring and I completely admired his flaws. I guess every one who read this book loved him. But for me I didn’t love him, I liked him.


Anna, the protagonist, was a likable character. I loved her. She was funny and quiet relatable and had her own quirky bits. So, yes I totally enjoyed her. I didn’t like her when she was obsessing over St. Clair, that was too much for me.

Other characters were just great. They were supportive and well written.

I loved the writing and I would say Stephanie Perkins definitely know how to craft good characters, characters with some depth. I also liked the romance and sexual tension that was built through out the book and the story was believable because you see love like this happening around you all the time( well not all the time, I’m just exaggerating).

What am I forgetting? hmm, yes the love triangle and those egoistical and egocentric people whom you can definitely not ignore in life. I mean who will create the mess if they won’t be there? So, yes this book had all the elements which you can expect in YA novel.

I also loved the description of Paris, France. It made me want to be there and live there. I guess the best part of this story was that it was set in PARIS. I love that city.

This book really made me feel something that I hadn’t felt for a long time, so for me the story was fun and cutesy. When I finished this book, I felt satisfied.

So what do we have? A book set in Paris, a hot(not sure about hot), cute American guy with French name and British accent, a girl who is hilarious, friends who know the meaning of friendship and cutesy romance. Do you still want me to say something?

Read it!

When You Go Through Big Transitions


Dear You,

You know these days I feel lost. I’m afraid of something and I don’t know what. Soon I’ll finish my college and again I’ll encounter a big transition and maybe I’m afraid of that transition, or maybe I’m afraid that I won’t have what I want. But anyhow whatever maybe the reason, the thing is I’m afraid.

I believe everyone encounter this feeling many times throughout the life.

I shared this thing with someone, I told her that I’m feeling lost and I’m afraid. I asked her,‘What if I mess up everything?’ and ‘What if I won’t be able to achieve what I want?’ and ‘What if I’ll disappoint everyone?’. Well leave everyone, ‘What if I disappoint myself?’, not that I haven’t before!

Then she told me something, maybe not the absolute truth about life, but indeed it made me feel better. I believed in what she said without a doubt. I believed my inner voice.

I talk to myself often, everyone need expert advice. Right?

I guess we all are trying to figure out what we want and how we are going to make that happen.

There are people who have everything figured out(good for them), there are people who never figured it out they go with the flow and then there are few(like me) who know what they want and they know how they can fulfill their wants, but again they are in such a hurry to get there, that sometimes they feel lost and afraid.

Somebody wrote, that there is no “there“. It’s all here and now.

When there are people who are constantly saying, ” figure it out what you want”, “become an adult!”. I think it’s all bullshit, is it not?

I don’t think people ever figure things out. How can you figure things out in a life that is full of uncertainties and changes and opportunities. Tell me how can you?

Why can’t we just entertain the possibilities that are before us and take them as adventures. We get many chances, don’t we? Then why not to take a chance and design your life living in the present and not for something or some time in the future.

I will say if there is a thing that you want to learn, that makes you happy, something that you are passionate about. Do it right now. Believe it future will take care of itself. But do something.

Yes you gonna disappoint a lot of people who love you, but you have to make choices that are good for you, you may take time to discover them(do it, take your time, it’s your life and please don’t compare) and doing so you may counter to what other think you should do. It’s okay.

Throughout your life you will see yourself in many transitions, big or small and there will be this feeling of being lost, of starting it over again. You will come across such feelings for the rest of your life and embracing them will only serve you.

“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in muddy pond, beautiful and strong.”  

                                 – Masaru Emoto, Secret Life of Water

Love always,


Book Review : Storm and Silence(Storm and Silence #1) by Robert Thier

“Life is not about living the safer option. Life is about living a life worth living.”


My Rating : *5 Stars*(yes!)

Writer : Robert Thier

Page Count : 580 pages

Format : ebook

This copy is provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wow! What did I read?

Let me tell you something. This book was absolutely brilliant. I haven’t read much of historical fiction and had no idea what to expect. However, I’m glad that I did read it.

The story was unique and beautifully written. A complete package with a dose of humor, sarcasm, a portion of wittiness, history, feminism(I’m not a feminist, but I adored Lilly), mysterious men, crime and what not.

Not some typical romance novel(even though I was expecting it to be, but no no. I was wrong). There were so many twists and turns, which I didn’t expect. However, at times things were quiet predictable and I knew where things were going. The writer put a lot of efforts on even small details, I really liked that.

There was this particular scene when Lilly and Mr. Ambrose went to east end of London and the description of people and crime around that area made me remember Jack The Ripper case from 1888. That was weird for me because I started thinking about that.

I liked the characters, I loved the writing and the story turned out to be really good. Now what else you need?

I can only say Lilly and that son of a bachelor, Mr. Ambrose, made this story so so much better. I loved their arguments, all the time they spent together and their adventures.

I adored Lilly and I loved Mr. Ambrose.

It was very hard for me to put this book down, and I’m eagerly waiting for next installment.

So did I love this book?