Poem Collection: Serenity by Eti Mishra

I have not posted anything in last few months or rather say after I started graduate school, it has been a long time and I miss writing for this blog. As the year marks its end, I want to post little something that I wrote while I was studying in college and living in a beautiful place, in a tropical paradise as they say.


It’s a copy of chapbook that I created for myself and some close friends.

This is a collection of few poems that I wrote in the last 10-15 days of November, I’m not a poet but this is something from my experience in Goa. (Except one Poem, that’s old).

The name I gave to this collection is Serenity because of the calmness and the peacefulness of the place that I’m living in. It’s a beautiful place to be.

You can find the poems here: Serenity


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