About Me

Fancy meeting you here!

You are:

Someone who likes to read good books and recommend good books. Who likes to discover some good music and like to read between the lines!(are you?) Someone who enjoys the very essence of literature and like to devour yourself in music. If you like old movies and like to read brilliant quotes by brilliant people.

And if that’s the case?

Welcome home, I’m so glad you are here.

Their Vodka:

Some people asked me, “Why did you name it Their Vodka?”

Well, I just liked the combination of these two words. I didn’t put much thought into it and I don’t even drink Vodka(seriously, I don’t).

And I’m Eti Mishra:


Hi there!

My name is Eti.

I’m a 24-year-old girl trying to learn as much as I can. And enjoying my life in my way. Not a party animal, don’t like to talk a lot(which I know is considered boring, but I’m having fun). Living my life in total bliss.

I love a whole lot of things, but you can always find me reading something or the other, I love to read, I mean a lot!

And people asked me why did I start this blog. Well, the stuff that I like to do is something people around me don’t like. So, I thought why not have a place of my own where I can put down my thoughts and share the good stuff that I come across with people who share similar interest.

I’m more of an introvert, though I have fairly nice social skills and I can have a good time with people. But solitude matters to me. So, this is a fairly nice place for me to communicate.

So, yes, I’ll share everything with you from “aha” to “Oh Shit!” here on this blog.

I also want you to share what you like with me, I’m always open for recommendations.

And yes do share your views and give me suggestions, if you have any.

Things I love:

Coffee shops.Books.Lavender(flower and fragrance both).Rains.After rain smell.Bookshelves.Bookstores.A pointless journey.Woods.Winter nights.Autumn evenings.Holidays.Music.Exotic Places.Traveling.Coding.Literature. Economics. Environment.Playing Basketball.Cakes. Chocolate.Paris(never been there, ya :/). Tea. India.My Friends.Family.F.R.I.E.N.D.S.Food.Newborn.Birds.Dogs.A walk in the evening.Blankets.Writing.Discovering.Building things.Physics.Sleeping alone.Closed rooms.Cloudy days.Time alone.Swimming.Peace.Nature.Meeting new people.Business.Management.Anything sweet.Meadows.Country house. Small and cozy house.Towns and a lot more…

Enjoy Your Stay!


Have a Wonderful Day!!

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