Music Nook: California Dreamin’

You must have heard the classic and the best known version of this song by The Mamas And The Papas, it’s called the California Dreamin’ written by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips. But recently I heard this new interpretation of this song and I loved it. So, I thought that I should share it with you and I hope you love it too.

Source: Qeta Dgebuadze’s Youtube Channel


Music Nook: Can’t Hide(feat. Ashe) by Whethan

Yesterday I came across this song, it got this good vibe and good voice, so I thought, why not share. And yes this song is new, a recent upload. The whistle though…okay go listen.

Peace of mind

Don’t waste your time with looking back

They’re broken pieces of past

Come here and makes some love

that make some love that…

Lasts, lasts, lasts

You can’t hide

Can’t Hide!
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Music Nook: They Move on Tracks of Never Ending Lights by This will Destroy You

jUJvBOur nature is replete with music. It is even said that the notes of music have been picked up from the various notes in nature. The music is one which makes us realize that life is moving on.

Every object in nature, if observed has its own rhythm, the whistling of the wind, rustling of petals, humming of insects/bees, gushing of water, butterflies, crickets, everything in nature is never silent, that is why silence is compared with death, every living thing has a sound of its own, even the heart beat has its own, and it is very dear to us as it makes us feel that we are alive.

If we keep away from nature then we lose on the rhythm in our life and our life becomes monotonous. We can feel the music even in the lesser significant events of our lives. Every heart that feels the rhythm in every thing can make its own existence meaningful and worthwhile. The sound of nature makes us realize that life is deathly without music in it.

And now I really hope you like this music that I’m sharing with you. I always loved it and it is my all time favorite. It’s called “They Move on Tracks of Never Ending Lights” by This will Destroy You. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a good day!

Music Nook: Don’t Stay Here by Frames

I just got back from a walk. I know it’s late, clock is striking quarter past 12 but few minutes back I was listening to this old music piece and I literally feel liberated every time I listen to this music. And that other feeling you get when you are outside all alone in the night and when you start contemplating about stuff added with some really good music in the background. Well, I love that feeling, I feel most alive. So I thought I should share this.

This is also one of my favorite and I hope you will like it as well.


Song: Don’t Stay Here

Artist: Frames

Album: In Via

Music Nook: To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra


Song: To Build A Home

Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra

Album: Ma Fleur

I love love love this song and this is so much similar to how I feel. This song is beautiful. Absolute beautiful. A kind of song that fills you up with joy and sadness. And totally make me think about life and shit. 3 years back when I first heard this song, I remember that it made me cry.


Music Nook: If Only You Knew the Rain by Balmorhea

Turn on some music, enjoy your Sunday evening…


It’s raining in here and I’m listening to this song and having a cup of coffee(I always listen this song when it rains!). Mom is cooking, younger brother is asking me to help him in making a Titanic model,and father is reading a book. In short Life is Good.

It’s a magical song, you should listen to it.


Music Nook: Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life by Hammock

I forgot to post Saturday music post. This song that I’m sharing today is by Hammock. They are amazing. I listen to this song often, mostly when I go out for walks at night and that is daily (yes I’m bragging that I go on walks at night because that is awesome.)


I love this song, totally what I call music for soul. It’s a beautiful track. I hope you also enjoy it.

Song: Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life

Album: Departure Songs

Artist: Hammock

So here it is “Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life by Hammock:

You can know more about hammock by clicking on the links down below, btw enjoy!


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