1. The Silence of the Lambs(1991) by Jonathan Demme
  2. Perfect Strangers(2016) by Paolo Genovese
  3. Cinema Paradiso(1988) by Giuseppe Tornatore
  4. The Lives of Others(2006) by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
  5. The Secret in Their Eyes(2009) by Juan José Campanella
  6. Beginners(2010) by Mike Mills
  7. Wild Tales(2014) by Damián Szifron
  8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(2004) by Michel Gondry
  9. Her(2013) by Spike Jonze
  10. The Body(2012) by Oriolo Paulo
  11. The Invisible Guest(2016) by Oriolo Paulo
  12. Intersteller(2014) by Christopher Nolan
  13. Arrival(2016) by Denis Villeneuve
  14. The Martian(2015) by Ridley Scott
  15. When Harry Met Sally(1989) by Rob Reiner
  16. The Hidden Face(2011) by Andrés Baiz
  17. Sleep Tight(2011) by Jaume Balagueró
  18. Tell No One(2006) by Guillaume Canet
  19. Amélie(2001) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  20. Two(1965) by Satyajit Ray
  21. Annie Hall(1997) by Woody Allen
  22. Dead Poets Society(1989) by Peter Weir
  23. Fight Club(1999) by David Fincher
  24. Pulp Fiction(1994) by Quentin Tarantino
  25. Unfaithful(2002) by Adrian Lyne
  26. Breakfast at Tiffany’s(1961) by Blake Edwards
  27. The Pursuit of Happyness(2006) by Gabriele Muccino
  28. Never Let Me Go(2010) by Mark Romanek
  29. The Mother and the Whore(1973) by Jean Eustache
  30. The Before Trilogy by Richard Linklater
  31. Last Night(2010) by Massy Tadjedin
  32. Like Crazy(2011) by Drake Doremus //though I have some problems with this movie.
  33. Schindler’s List(1993) by Steven Spielberg
  34. Perfect Sense(2011) by David Mackenzie
  35. A Love Song for Bobby Long(2004) by Shainee Gabel
  36. A Man Who Knew Infinity(2015) by Matt Brown
  37. A Beautiful Mind(2001) by Ron Howard
  38. Lost in Translation(2003) by Sofia Coppola
  39. Lady Bird(2017) by Greta Gerwig