Music Nook: To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra


Song: To Build A Home

Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra

Album: Ma Fleur

I love love love this song and this is so much similar to how I feel. This song is beautiful. Absolute beautiful. A kind of song that fills you up with joy and sadness. And totally make me think about life and shit. 3 years back when I first heard this song, I remember that it made me cry.



Music Nook: Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life by Hammock

I forgot to post Saturday music post. This song that I’m sharing today is by Hammock. They are amazing. I listen to this song often, mostly when I go out for walks at night and that is daily (yes I’m bragging that I go on walks at night because that is awesome.)


I love this song, totally what I call music for soul. It’s a beautiful track. I hope you also enjoy it.

Song: Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life

Album: Departure Songs

Artist: Hammock

So here it is “Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life by Hammock:

You can know more about hammock by clicking on the links down below, btw enjoy!


YouTube . Wikipedia

Music Nook: Truth by Balmorhea


Song : Truth

Album : All is Wild, All is Silent

Band : Balmorhea (bal-mə-ray)

Okay so there is this beautiful side of YouTube and I love that side, there lies the best music or I can say the kind of music that I love. There you find the kind of music that is total bliss, music that is soulful and beautiful, comments that are peaceful. Oh my, how I love it!

If you take my suggestions listen to this song in the night, alone in your room. For the record, do this with every song that I’ll share.

One of my favorite out of other amazing bands is Balmorhea, these people create beautiful music, powerful songs. I believe after listening to them you feel everything.

Today the song that I’m sharing is “Truth” by Balmorhea and this is my all time favorite, there are other great songs as well, I’ll share them later.


And watch this video to get to know where they found the inspiration to write this song and also watch them play it!

You can know more about them:


  Official Site YouTube . Wikipedia . Facebook . Twitter . Tumblr