The Person I Look up To

                              “I see you, I see others and I want to see you more.”              


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There are always some people in your life that you look up to…

I’m using Quora for nearly 4 years now, even though I’m just a silent reader. Last year I came across this wonderful woman, who I seriously adore…

And I seriously believe in telling people that they are wonderful. They deserve to know,right? 

But for the last three days I have been asking myself if I should write this or not because even if I believe in telling people what I feel, I necessarily don’t do it often. Well, in my defense it’s really difficult to do it without sounding creepy.

Now you may ask, “What so special?”

To start with she is a really good writer and I just like the way she express herself. I really like the way she talk about her family, most importantly her dad and her boyfriend, always brings a smile on my face.

Her writing style. It’s soft and tender but hard and firm at the same time. Because she writes from the heart and she writes what she knows is true.

I haven’t told her this personally yet and she don’t even know who I am(haha!). However, I really like her views and perspective about life. For me they work as stress reliever. I’m also an introvert and an optimistic person and I relate to her on a visceral level.

Oh! I didn’t even tell you her name. Well, I’m talking about Dushka Zapata, ya I know, unique name ALERT!

If you are reading this then you should really check her Quora profile and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Well some of my favorite answers written by her:

Okay, I should stop here because I know that I can go on and on…

30072136Also she recently got her book published and I’m looking forward to read it. It’s called How to be ferociously happy and other essays

About the Author:
Dushka Zapata has worked in the communications industry for over 20 years running agencies like Edelman and Ogilvy in Silicon Valley. She specializes in coaching executives to talk to media, give presentations, and refine what they want to say.

She lives in San Francisco with her Boyfriend, who makes her coffee every morning.

About Book:

When you were born you took deep breaths right away. You proceeded to accomplish truly complicated things: you learned to talk and walk and write.

Language is complex and daunting and you did it.

You already come equipped to be good at many things. The ability to pick them up is part of your original composition.

Trust that.

I haven’t read it yet because the paperback version is still not available in India. So, I’m waiting.

However, I already know that I’ll love it!

Well I write a book blog and I’m certainly not letting you go away without a book.

You should check it out, you won’t be disappointed.